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Most businesses struggle with digital marketing because they don’t know where to begin, what to focus on and are overwhelmed by technical challenges that most designers and agencies simply can’t handle.

What if you could cut through all the guesswork, remove all the technical challenges and work with a team of local professionals to get direct input, straight-forward solutions and real results?


How? We use our own SMART steps to digital success:

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1: Secure

Get your domain, hosting, Google and social media addresses registered, cleaned up and unified into one image.

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2: Market Strategy

We do an in-depth analysis of your business, brand, messaging, ideal client, goals and opportunities.

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3: Activation

Create the right kind of content, image and messaging to activate your brand. During this step we reach out to existing clients and use your organic reach to get fast results and testimonials.

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4: Reach

Connect your brand to your ideal customers using Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, mass email campaigns and content marketing.

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5: Traction

Analyse and evaluate performance, make necessary adjustments and keep improving the campaigns and messaging.


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Meet Our Team

Smartmove is a Namibian-owned and managed company, with an online presence on par with international trends and developments. Our team is blessed with a diverse range of skills and expertise, to make sure your site is optimised to offer your client their best experience yet!

Theo Wormsbächer

Client Relations and General Management

When you first contact us, you will probably meet Theo. He will make sure we provide the right solution to meet your needs. Theo has a B.Com. in Economics and Management from the University of Stellenbosch. He also spent two years in Berlin, where he honed his sales skills, emerged himself in the Berlin Tech Startup scene and learned how to use the latest technologies to provide clients with valuable solutions. Upon his return to Namibia, he co-founded Smartmove to provide an opportunity for Namibian brands and businesses to get on the forefront of international technological developments and create a better online presence. Apart from working, Theo also likes hiking, travelling and reading.

Robert Joubert

Sales, Marketing and Business Development Manager

Robert is the other co-founder of Smartmove. He boasts a strong background and experience in Sales, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship in multiple companies, industries and in five different countries. He is a certified Google Partner, and is fluent in Google Ads and Google Analytics, as well as English, Spanish, German and Afrikaans. Robert is a lover of challenges and finding ways to launch profitable marketing campaigns, outthinking the competition and turning businesses around (in a positive and profitable way). Apart from thinking, reading and learning, Robert also loves sales, so if you don’t have enough, get in touch!

Michael Jacobsen

Website Developer

Michael is a passionate Web Designer and Developer who is fascinated by the World Wide Web and how it can improve our lives. He will help you with the look and feel of your website, so that your vision becomes reality. Michael studied at Prestige Academy in Cape Town, where he developed his knowledge and interest in the web and its technologies. Michael gets excited about gaming, anime, geeking out over the latest tech trends and increasing the standards of web development in Namibia. (Please send Help!)

Nicola Fester

Senior Website and Graphic Designer

Nicola takes care of front-end development and will make sure your website, corporate identity, and social media sites look their best. She has experience and degrees in Illustration, Graphic Design & Web Design. Nicola studied in the United States at Grand Valley State University and Colorado Mountain College, and likes to stay at the forefront of the latest web technology and design trends. Despite her professional experience, Nicola is not your typical tech nerd and enjoys mountain biking, the outdoors and getting away from her computer.

Hulda Fleermuis

Graphic Designer

Hulda is a Graphic Designer with a particular interest in User Interface and Experience Design, both crucial elements needed to give your website a better look and feel, and make it an enjoyable experience for your user. She is enthusiastic about taking boring information and turning it into comprehensible data through the use of visually pleasing graphics. When she’s not busy making your website look beautiful, you will most likely find her at home, sipping coffee with her nose buried deep in a book, having a movie marathon, or googling random facts.

Bryan Corringham

Content Manager, Analytics, Backend Support, Server Administrator

Bryan likes dark spaces and the internet, he does the monotonous data entry and will update your site for pizza.

Ulli B.

Programming, Systems Integration, Software Development and Web Wizardry

Ulli B. is our secret weapon. He has over 30 years of programming experience and can make just about anything software related, especially when it comes to web development.

Hanjo Zimny

IT Technician

Hanjo is our IT go-to. His resume boasts experience and knowledge in A+, N+ and MCITP as well as ComTIA A+ and Linux +. No one is quite sure what all of that means but it sure sounds impressive. Hanjo is not afraid of a challenge and enjoys problem solving and thinking outside of the box to reach a solution. When he isn’t busy solving your IT problems he can be found spending time with friends or playing inline hockey.

Karin Wormsbächer

Client Consultant and Project Manager

Karin is a dynamic, friendly person who loves people and is excited to find out more about you and your business. You will probably meet her at your business to discuss how Smartmove can help you achieve your goals. She has a total of 4 years experience in events, bookkeeping and the Tourism Industry and is qualified as a Medic, so she could literally save your life! Life is too short to have regrets, so when she is not out setting up meetings and getting to know people, she enjoys reading, spending time with family, friends and playing volleyball.

Liezl Hoving

Social Media Marketing, Content creator & Website UX

Liezl brings a broad range of experiences to the team from her time as a researcher, teacher, business owner and project coordinator. With a background in psychology and linguistics she has a keen interest in facilitating meaningful communication between businesses and their clients, as well as how that translates into digital interface. She loves writing and photography for their power of expression and is an avid yogi when she is not in front of her laptop.

Annette Beyers

Marketing Manager

With a degree in Information Science from the acclaimed University of Pretoria, Annette has solidified her place as part of the Smartmove team thanks to her expertise in social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising and direct marketing on an international level. Whether you would just like to stay top of mind or if you would like to attract new clients by the dozen, she'll strategize with you to reach your goal.